Colorado Coolwear, keeping you cool since 1994!
Who is Colorado Coolwear?

Colorado Coolwear is a small privately owned company that manufactures and markets a line of cooling apparel designed to keep the wearer cool in the intense summer heat of the South West but without the use of high-tech materials and their high cost. Our trademark product is our Coolvest.  Our Coolvest is guaranteed to work in high-temperature, low-humidity situations.

Our products are 100% AMERICAN MADE and are constructed of the finest materials available. Our cool vests have been designed and thoroughly tested in the high altitude summer heat of Colorado and the four corners region. Our coolvests have been tested in temperatures up to 114 degrees F and they really work!  Here is a picture of one of our owners wearing his coolvest in Colorado at 113 degrees.  We believe that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Who's using a Colorado Coolwear Coolvest?

You didn't settle for imitations when you bought your bike.  Don't settle for imitations in the selection of the coolvest that you count on to keep you cool when the temperatures soar!

Members of the following industries and hobbies didn't settle for imitations. They bought the original Colorado Coolwear Coolvest ...

Manufacturing US Army Gardners HVAC
Hunting/Fishing Golfers Firefighters Police Officers
Highway workers Welders Motorcycles Construction
Food Service Landscapers Truckers
Introducing our Coolvest

We invented the Colorado Coolwear Coolvest 20 years ago and we designed them for use by motorcycle riders. Since then we have steadily improved and slightly redesigned the coolvest to provide that same cool comfort for anyone who spends long periods in high temperatures.

Colorado Coolwear is a "Mom 'n Pop" business.  We take pride in the fact that our merchandise is all 100% AMERICAN MADE.  We do not outsource any step of the manufacturing process, instead we perform each step of the assembly ourselves.

At Colorado Coolwear, We guarantee our coolvest and other products to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one full year from date of purchase.  Upon inspection, we will repair or replace the garment or accessory at our option. 

We don't turn our backs on our customers once the warranty expires.  If you have a problem with your coolvest, don't throw it away!  Contact us and we'll do everything possible to help.

Purchase your Colorado Coolwear Coolvest HERE.

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Colorado Coolwear's Guarantee

We take great pride in the fact that we can list Officers of the Houston Police Department, members of the Sons of Silence MC, and the United States Army as customers wearing our coolvests.  These organizations don't take kindly to getting an inferior product.  They have "no nonsense" ways of making their displeasure known!  They count on their coolvests to help them stay cool and so can you!

Every single Colorado Coolwear Coolvest comes with a 1 year, materials and workmanship guarantee. If your Colorado Coolwear Coolvest fails, we will repair or replace the garment at our option. Just so you know, in the nearly 15 years that we have been manufacturing and selling our Colorado Coolwear Coolvest, we have had only one warranty claim. That's right, only one! Ask the imitators about their warranty. What do you mean they don't have one?  We believe in our cool vest and think that you will too!

Colorado Coolwear has a large assortment of motorcycle accessories available. We sell our products at motorcycle rallies around the country as well as over the telephone or email. Our coolvest is our most popular product, but we also have a cooling neckwrap. This cooling neckwrap will keep your neck cool for up to 4 hours.

You can order your coolvest or any of our other products by contacting us and we will be happy to send your purchase to you.

We are proud to announce our online shopping option. You can now order great Colorado Coolwear Coolvests and other products securely online! We are using PayPal as our merchant provider for your security. Check out our products on the Coolvest and Accessories pages.