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Colorado Coolwear's Safety Coolvest

The Colorado Coolwear Safety CoolVest is designed to be worn over a shirt of thin cotton material such as a T-shirt, just like the rest of our line of coolvests. This new coolvest is designed with safety in mind.

You will notice that the bright Chartreuse color is very easy to see.  This vest was designed specifically with the Highway Construction crews and avid motorcycle riders in mind.  The easier you are seen, the safer you will be.

You can get your own Safety Coolvest from Colorado Coolwear in the order section of this page!

CoolVest Not Just for Motorcyclists

Our CoolVest is shown here in International Orange for use by workers in highway construction, hunters, or bikers. Compare the Colorado Coolwear CoolVest to our competition's product.

However, vests for other industries can be provided by special order at little or no additional cost. We cannot do them in other colors (black, red, etc) as it would negate the cooling effect!

We have people with Multiple Sclerosis wearing our coolvest as well! These folks find that wearing one of our coolvests while charging the second coolvest gives them the relief that they want!

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Compare the Colorado Coolwear CoolVest to our competition's product

Crystal-based garments such as the Colorado Coolwear Coolvest retain their ability to keep you cool for a minimum of 8 hours in the most intense desert heat. CoolVests using space-age materials are usually only effective for about two hours. These "space-aged" garments are the hi-tech version of our 1960's and 1970's habit of dousing our tee shirt or sweatshirt at each gas stop. That's fine if you don't mind halting your activities every couple of hours to re-irrigate your garment. We determined fourteen years ago that stopping every two hours to rehydrate our vests was an Colorado Coolwear, CoolWear, CoolVest, coolvests, Cool Vest, Cool Vests, cooling vest, cooling apparel unwelcome interruption. Besides, if it's "space-aged" and "high-tech", how come it only lasts for two hours? Our CoolVest lasts a lot longer than that!

Another product we have heard about uses ice packs. We also tried this idea only to find that the area where the packs were installed was very cold, sometimes almost painfully cold. However, you have the same problem that you would with rewetting a T-shirt. You need to stop every couple of hours and change out the ice packs. When we're on a long ride, we don't usually have the room to strap a cooler to the bike to store those ice packs in. The Colorado Coolwear CoolVest doesn't rely on ice packs.

When the scenery is beautiful and riding is what you like to do, you need a Colorado Coolwear Coolvest to see more at a time! Colorado Coolwear, CoolWear, CoolVest, coolvests, Cool Vest, Cool Vests, cooling vest, cooling apparel

CoolVests are priced at $44.95 each plus $6.95 shipping and handling each for all sizes from size small through XL. XXL and XXXL are $5 more.

The CoolVests come in the following colors: Khaki , Medium - Gray, Chartreuse (for Safety), and International Orange.  When ordering please remember that if your measurements don't correspond exactly to the above list it's best to opt for a slightly larger size. The cooling effect will be the same but the garment will be more comfortable when the weather gets hot.

Each coolvest comes with clear, concise, plain-English instructions for the “care and feeding” of the vest which will help ensure the best possible performance and longest life of the garment.

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