Colorado Coolwear, keeping you cool since 1994!
Colorado Coolwear at the entrance Death Valley National Park, California. We wanted to test Colorado Coolvests in the hottest area of North America! This is the method we use to test and improve our product; we do it personally.y.
We were hoping for temperatures of 120 plus degrees Fahrenheit in which to test our Coolvests but there was a nasty stretch of cool weather.  When we stopped for a tall glass of iced tea we saw this blackboard outside the General  Store.   Our personal record of 113 degrees in Florence, Colorado still stands. The troops in Kuwait and Iraq wearing Colorado Coolvests currently hold the record at 125 degrees Fahrenheit.
While at the museum in Furnace Creek in Death Valley the owner and inventor of the Colorado Coolvest shot this photo of the unpaid help appropriately attired for a day in Death Valley; Colorado Coolvest, neck wrap, and baggy jeans.
With us on this trip were long-time friends and customers of Colorado Coolwear, Bill and Gloria B.  They have helped test Colorado Coolvests on rides from the California desert to "The Dragon" in Georgia.
Infamous Death Valley off the left side of one of our many bikes.  We average 20k miles a year on our bikes and rarely leave home without our Coolvests.  
A beautiful area to ride a motorcycle but bad place to break down.  The highest temperature in North America was recorded here at 134 degrees Fahrenheit!